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Tarot readings

I started to study the Tarot in Italy when I was seventeen. Once I moved to The Netherlands I studied several philosophies and healing techniques such as Cherokee Shamanism, Reiki, Crystal therapy, Zen Shiatsu, Physiognomics (Chinese Face Reading) and Skenar therapy. All this has enriched my life with experiences and knowledge that I can use on a daily basis and that give extra depth to my readings.
In 2004 and 2006 I further developed my Tarot skills with two very intensive Tarot courses with Christopher Beaver in the United States. Christopher is a big Tarot expert and a very wise and experienced teacher. 
I work as a professional Tarot reader in my own studio in Amsterdam and, on request, also on location.

Reading the Tarot is one of my biggest passions. When I do a reading I feel a privileged and happy person.



What is a Tarot reading?


A Tarot reading is a “snapshot” of the present situation. It shows you where you come from, where you are right now on your personal path and what the possibilities for the future are, according to your own choices and beliefs.
A reading can help you understand your attitude towards a certain situation and often offers the solution to blockages, old patterns and unnecessary belief systems that prevent you from expressing yourself in the way you would really like.

If you’re stuck in a situation, you often cannot see the bigger picture but only certain aspects of it.
A reading allows you to look at your situation from a 360° point of view, thus giving you the chance to understand the circumstances better and to find the best possible solutions. A reading allows you to consider some aspects of your existence in a much more conscious way and to detect the so-called “blind spots” in your life. It can also serve as a confirmation of what you already thought was the right path to follow, for example when you think you’re already making the best possible choices and just need that little extra push to move further.
I do not do readings on health issues.
My way to read the Tarot is totally free from future-telling. I strongly believe in the idea that we all constantly create our “future” with our own choices, thoughts and beliefs. What I do with my work is to help people understand certain situations better so that they can choose more consciously and with a serene mind what their next steps will be.

Please visit my Tarot website here.

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