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Food photography

Photos I make (Recipe Development, Food & Travel)
Nicoletta Tavella 006.jpg
Nicoletta Tavella 012.jpg
Nicoletta Tavella 016.jpg

My portraits have been made by Robert Elsing

In 2022 I followed two food photography and food styling courses with renowned photographer Lucie Beck. I love to photograph food, drinks, nature, and people. Should you want a recipe and related photos developed for your magazine, site or other medium, or beautiful pictures of your dishes or products, please contact me.
I have a nice studio with natural Northern light in Amsterdam (my cooking school) which is also for rent, compatibly with the school's bookings.

Some of my photos:

tortini Abe 2 FINAL.jpg
tortini Abe 1 FINAL.jpg
tortini Abe 4 FINAL.jpg
Abe making chokladbiskvi in Sweden, Sept. 2022
crayfish 4-1.jpg
crayfish 2.jpg
crayfish 1-4.jpg
crayfish 3.jpg
Crayfish feast, Sweden, Sept. 2022
carciofi e cavoli 1 SP01 vignette 2 test.jpg
Artichokes and green cauliflowers, 2024
cappuccino e cantucci 4 SMALL.jpg
Cappuccino & cantuccini
Crostini uva e fichi 2.jpg
Crostini uva e fichi 1.jpg
Crostini with goat cheese, roasted grapes & figs (recipe for my IG and blog)
castagne mele noci FINALE 1.jpg
castagne mele noci FINALE 3.jpg
Autum beauty
tortina fiori 3 small.jpg
tortina fiori 2 small.jpg
Small cake & flowers
hazelnut milk 1 SMALL.jpg
hazelnut milk 2 SMALL.jpg
Hazelnut milk
biscotti di nocciole 2 JPG.jpg
Hazelnut cookies
Candle and roses
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